Free payday loan and additional discounts

 November 26, 2014 Lenderspo attracts customers with a new promotion – a Christmas promotion reducing the cost of the loan is an offer for regular customers. The promotion for new customers is also still valid – loan for free. 

Lenderspo is a company that belongs to finance cream. It is worth knowing that the company also owns such institutions. Like Lenderspo, they are one of the leading players on the loan market.

Take a loan. Opinions about Lenderspo Lenderspo decided in November to start the period of Christmas promotions and attracting customers who need cash for Christmas shopping. The promotion lasts until further notice, so we can count on the fact that if it succeeds, Lenderspo will let us enjoy it for a long time.

Who will benefit from Lenderspo’s Christmas promotion?

Who will benefit from Lenderspo

The payday loan promotion is aimed at regular customers, i.e. people who are registered on the website and have paid back at least one online loan taken out in Lenderspo. The customer who wants to take advantage of the promotion could not have had a delay in paying the payday loan in excess of 10 days. If we meet the above conditions, we are entitled to a discount on the cost of the loan, the amount of the discount is from 10 to 30%.

Discount for more loans in Lenderspo

Loan amount Rebate value
Up to 700 PLN 0%
From 800 PLN to 1400 PLN 10%
From 1500 PLN to 2000 PLN 20%
From 2500 PLN to 3000 PLN thirty%

Additional promotions in Lenderspo

Additional promotions in Lenderspo

We would also like to remind you that another promotion applies to Lenderspo. We will get the first loan without BIK up to PLN 600 for 30 days for free . You can see that Lenderspo cares for both new customers and those who have already paid off their first payday loan.