Research Paper: WWII Caused Simone Biles’ “Twisties”

In 2016, the Russians hacked into the AMA primarily to try to expose anyone who might be taking performance enhancing drugs just “on doctor’s orders.” Serena Williams has also been listed in this report for the therapeutic use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

What this report revealed however, is that Simone Biles takes ADHD medication like millions of Americans, this is considered a banned substance if not prescribed (Richard Sherman putting Adderall in a bottle of Gatorade.)

There is nothing wrong with it, the leak proved that Simone has nothing to hide and took it at a young age.

Now, people with ADHD who take it every day are not “stoned” or have an additional advantage over non-drug people without ADHD or, in many cases, people with ADHD who are not. not take medication. Their baseline becomes consistent with just everyone with average concentration abilities that they had problems with before.

The reason this is widespread is that Simone Biles recently retired from competing at the Olympics for mental health reasons, not because she felt sad or didn’t want to compete, but because she felt that his psychological state put him at risk of injury. and not to be “with” totally and to be a danger to herself while playing. She said these were “twisties” or a common term for gymnasts who don’t feel comfortable in the air with spacing, coordination, etc. So what’s the connection to his ADHD?

Well, his drugs are illegal in Japan, the Olympics are currently being held in Tokyo.

WSJAmphetamines and methamphetamines such as Adderall, an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drug approved in the United States, are strictly illegal in Japan. There’s no way to get them in.

I may be connecting too many dots here, but someone who takes ADHD medication regularly has to suddenly stop taking medication and compete on the world stage. This person is going to have a huge attention deficit and not feel good mentally. Their brain chemistry has adapted to the medicine that helps them focus and function throughout the day. To remove that would be extremely detrimental to his concentration and his ability to perform. The psychological aspect of not having it would be intimidating because unlike people who take it once during finals or recreationally to feel like they were in the movie Limitless, people actually NEED this drug.

Why are these drugs illegal in Japan?

Many Americans have actually ended up in jail for sending these types of drugs to Japan or taking them with them on flights.

The Japanese government distributed tons of amphetamines to its soldiers and factory workers during World War II.

And now, 76 years later, we’re dealing with a domino effect that could be the reason Simone Biles left the Olympics.

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